Showbox is an android app which allows you to watch TV Series and Movies straight from your Android phone. Unlike Netflix and Hulu where users are supposed to pay charges, this app is free. Even after paying for Netflix and other TV Series platforms, you don’t get the latest episodes of your favorite TV series. That’s why a lot of people use apps like Showbox.

Showbox Download

The Showbox Android app is currently used by more than 10 million people all over the world. Even after being so popular the app isn’t on the Google Play Store, it’s because it voids App acceptance policies at Google Play Store. Since you are searching for Showbox you must be knowing that the app promotes piracy and that’s why it can’t be downloaded from official stores like the Google Play Store.

Why Showbox?

The revolution of the smartphone has made a drastic difference in our lives. Gone are those days where we used to sit in front of a television for our favorite shows, movies. It is smartphone era where anything and everything is available at the tip of our hands. So why would someone need to make multiple clicks on to download a movie?

Have you ever tried downloading a TV series from Torrents? You must have seen that not all the episodes are organized by their seasons? For some of the TV series, you might have found everything sorted, but that’s not the case for all the Television shows. On the other hand Showbox not only provides the material for streaming or downloading, but everything is properly organized, for an instance, the episodes are organized according to the season they belong.

Similarly, a lot of times when we download movies from Torrent sites, we end up downloading a lot of unrequired things and sometimes we don’t even get the correct movie, that’s where apps like Showbox comes into action. While downloading a movie or TV series from Showbox, you don’t have to be worried, because you’ll always get the TV Series or Movie that’s mentioned.

How does Showbox work?

Generally, people who are interested in downloading Showbox and using it aren’t interested in knowing the tech behind Showbox, but a lot of people who are into app development might be interested in knowing the tech. Basically, what we’ve learned is, Showbox fetches files from torrents and organizes them into the series they belong to or the category of the movie it belongs to.

This Android app has two options where one can either stream movies and TV shows or download them on the Android device. There are various categories such as movies, TV shows, Trailer etc. Movies and TV shows are enlisted in those categories. They can be sorted using the sorting option or searched using the search bar.

Download Showbox (APK, Mac, and Windows)

Since the Showbox APK or Android app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, finding proper sources to download the Showbox app is a problem. Most of the app developers have modded the Showbox app and have made it available, which enables the developer to have control over the user data, that’s why we’ve come here, You can download the Showbox from the below links.

The Showbox app isn’t just accessible on the Android phones, you can download and use the Showbox on the Windows OS and MacOS too. We’ve created multiple guides, where you can download Showbox and try it on the operating system you are using.

  • Download Showbox for Android
  • Download Showbox for Windows
  • Download Showbox for Mac

Showbox Features

A lot of people don’t want to give space to an app on their phone unless they think the app deserves it, although the main purpose of Showbox is to enable users to download or stream Movies or Television series, yet it comes with a lot of features which the paid apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime come with. Besides, you might not find many shows which are there on Netflix, on Amazon Prime or Hulu and vice versa, but with Showbox, name a movie or television series and you’ll get it. Not that just, you can also select the resolution of the movie or television series which you are willing to watch.


Under this section, the latest movies, shows, trailers would be there. This is the home page which you can see once you open the app.


Recently released movies would be listed down here. On the basis of most trending ones. There is a search menu on the top right of the screen where movies can be searched.


On the right-hand top corner, under the pop menu, there are further options to sort the movie on the basis of Showbox rating, IMDB rating and on basis of recently added.


Everyone has a liking towards a particular genre which they are comfortable with and follow it. It can be Action, Sci-Fi, comedy, horror etc.


Based on the year of release a movie can be searched, in this way you can look for the best movie in that particular year.

TV Shows

TV shows are known for the thrill and anxiety of the twists which is going to be continued in the upcoming episode, season. They are very entertaining and people tend to follow it very much. All the TV shows are available on Showbox in the TV Show section. You can sort shows on basis of rating and date of addition as well as on the basis of Genre too.


We always are eager to about the latest movies, latest TV season from Netflix, about the backstage stories, trailer release and other things. This section on Showbox would update you with the latest news and details about your favorite star, shows, and other sneak peaks.


A trailer is the gist of the movie. It is filled with suspense and brings us out to watch the movie as soon as the movie releases. Trailer creates an expectation in the minds of the viewers. Showbox provides an opportunity to view all the latest and most trending trailer.
There is two section in the trailer category.


Some of the best trailers would be listed down in the section. Just added: Trailers which are most recent can be found under this section.


We all tend to love a particular show, star, movie sequel. Sometimes we may end up watching partially, so favorites would help in getting directly to our favorite show, movie. Once you look for the movie, open the movie link and you can find a star option on top right of your screen, mark it as your favorite show, movie.
You can find your favorite TV season in the ‘Shows’ category and movie under the ‘Movies’ section, providing an easy and quick access.


I like watching my favorite TV show Prison back 2-3 times, in such cases instead of wasting data, I can download the TV Show or the Movie and store on my device. I can watch it back anytime without any buffering, even while traveling. It is a very simple procedure to download, look for you the movie/ show which you want, open the link and you can find ‘Download’ option. Store it in the required quality and enjoy the movie/shows with popcorn and coke.

New Releases

Looking for some latest movie or TV shows? No need to sort and search for them. Just go to the new release section. Here you can look for the latest movie, TV shows. In case you add a TV Show as a favorite then you can look for the latest episode from here.

Having such handy apps makes our lives simpler, easier and quicker. Any latest movies/TV shows can be watched with your partner, family, and friends on weekends or while free time.